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Why do I get acne? Understanding acne!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Acne can come in the form of blackheads, white heads, pimples or even cysts. We know teens get acne because of 2 major factors, genetics and hormonal changes that come with puberty.

The good news is, most teens who get acne find that it goes away by the time they're an adult. For the unfortunate few, it can continue throughout adult hood if not taken care of properly.

So let's understand the differences between skin without acne and skin with acne!

The hair follicles or pores in your skin contain sebaceous glands also known as oil glands. These glands make sebum, which is the body's natural oil that lubricates your hair and skin.

- If a pore gets clogged up, closes but bulges out from the skin, then you'll be left with a white head.

- If a pore gets clogged up but stays open, the top surface can accumulate dirt, darken and you're left with a blackhead.

- If the wall of the pore opens allowing sebum, bacteria and dead skin cells to make their way under the skin then you're left with a small, red bump known as a pimple.


- Friction caused by leaning on or rubbing the skin
- Picking or squeezing blemishes
- Changing hormone levels in adolescent girls and adult women two to seven days before the start of the - menstrual period
- Stress

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