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Top 5 acne prevention tips!

Friday, November 23, 2012

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1. Keep your face clean, it's important to wash your face daily as everyday our faces and pores accumulate dirt, dust and other impurities that cause pimples.

2. Moisturise, avoid using moisturisers that cause dryness and skin peeling. A gel-based moisturiser works well for oil prone skin. It's best to always hydrate your skin with water before you moisturise.

3. Use PuraSkin total acne solution, it is a naturally derived solution that focuses internally and externally to target acne effectively.
4.Make-up should be used sparingly, during a breakout avoid wearing foundation, powder or blush. If you can't live without wearing make-up, then ensure you wash it off prior to going to bed.

5. Keep your hands off your face, avoid touching your face, bacteria can spread from your hands onto your skin. Don't pop pimples! This will prevent pimples from spreading and stop scarring from occurring.

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