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Top 5 Acne Myths

Monday, February 13, 2012

For someone who is suffering from acne, it could get really depressing to discover an acne treatment solution that is temporary or not even working.  Here are the top 5 Acne Myths that every acne sufferer should know.

1. Washing your face more often will help clear acne

-Frequent washing may irritate pores and caused them to become clogged.

2. Stress causes acne

-Stress can have an effect on our hormones which in theory can promote acne.  However, there is no direct relation between stress and acne.

3. Sex or Masturbation causes acne

-This myth dates back to the 17th century to discourage people from having premarital sex.  However, higher levels of androgen (males hormones) increases sex drive.  High levels of androgen have been related to severe cases of acne.

4. The sun will help get rid of acne

- Actually, 10-20 minutes of sun exposure per day for people with lighter skin and 20-30 minutes of sun exposure per day for people with darker skin may prove beneficial for acne, especially body acne.   However, over exposure to sun can irritate your skin and trigger an acne.

5. Diet and Acne are related

 - These claim needs more research.  The diet appears to work in the short term because as your body loses weight; the insulin and other hormones react which makes acne tend to recede. However as body weight levels out or increases, acne symptoms tend to return. With more research, this can be a future reality.  We've yet to find an anti-acne diet that will consistently work after the initial weight-loss period.


Source: Acne.org

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