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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

You are what you eat – or so they say. And no, I’m not suggesting that you quit eating chocolate to avoid acne but consider the metaphor. Looking after yourself on the inside is essential to a healthy you!

The PuraSkin Total Acne Solution contains three key products that have been designed around just this. The PuraSkin Deep Derma Cleanser, Acne Clearing Gel and Inside-Out Support Capsules work together to target your exterior and your interior – clearing acne and preventing future breakouts.

The Inside-Out Support Capsules contain active ingredients such as Flaxseed Oil, Vitamin A, B3, B6, C & E and Zinc that work to help relieve acne by providing anti-inflammatory activity and reducing oil production, resulting in improved skin texture and appearance. Antioxidants also help to safeguard the cells against free radical damage.

Acne cannot be cured in a day. With the PuraSkin system you can look forward to great long term results.

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