How long it takes?

Weeks 2-3
Your skin or acne may actually start to get worse, before it gets better. This is completely normal as your body brings the toxins to the surface - which it needs to do before healing can take place. Stick with the program and you’ll be amazed with the improvement in your skin and reduction in acne that you will experience in the coming weeks.

Week 4
This is when you will start to notice a difference as your skin starts to clear and feel smoother. By now you’ll see an approximate 35% improvement in your skin.

Week 8
Your skin will feel hydrated, soft and smooth with a noticeable reduction in acne, skin redness and blotchiness.
n.b. It is possible that some people may experience a second breakout phase at this point. This is an indicator that the body is bringing more toxins to the surface for complete clearance.

Week 12
By this stage you’ll have experienced a dramatic improvement in your skin. You’ll have a smoother and more radiant skin complexion with a noticeable improvement in skin tone and acne.

Finally you’ll know what it’s like to be comfortable in your own skin!

Try PuraSkin and start the clear skin journey today.

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